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Films in the original language, DVDs and BluRays/ books on loan. The best there is in English, in Trieste

For over half a century, the British Film Club Trieste has been offering its members the very best films to come out of the UK, Ireland and the Commonwealth. In addition to the films shown every year at the Cinema Ariston, we have a great collection of films, TV series and books in English available on loan, not to mention our weekly conversation group which meets every Wednesday.

We share a language

As always, the best experience is meeting other people. You can talk and share the same language, and it's your love of English that brings you all together!

Movies in the room

We offer nine films every year, the best to come out of England/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand and Canada.

Books / DVDs on loan

We have a great collection of books, DVDs and BluRays in English, all available for our members to borrow free of charge.


These are the realities with which we collaborate in order to offer the screenings, discussions and updates of BFC Trieste!