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Film in original language, lectures, DVDs / books on loan. The best of the English language, in Trieste!

The British Film Club Trieste has always been involved in providing its members with the best English-language films in the UK and the Commonwealth. In addition to the screenings in the cinema, we add to our experience of weekly meetings at the Circolo Fincantieri-Wärtsila in Galleria Fenice 2 (1st floor) in the Sala Fenice (Sala –foto) and a great collection of borrowed films / books and of course much British humor!

Dear Members,
finally we can go back to the cinema and start with our program!
To see all the films, we have agreed with the Ariston Cinema to make weekly appointments.
The sale of the cards in Via Torrebianca 21 / B will start from Monday 18 October to Friday 29 October 2021: you will find us from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 12 & from 16 to 18

REGISTRATION BEGIN 18 / 10 / 2021!!! Membership is open to anyone aged 16 and over. We regret that children under 16 cannot be admitted to any film. Our annual fee is €30. Season tickets from 18 to 29 October 2020, from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00 & from 16 to 18 at the 5 Stars Travel Agency, Via Torrebianca 21 / B! From this year, you can also renew online by paying €30 into our bank account:
British Film Club, BancoPosta IBAN IT36 M076 0102 2000 0100 9060 532
In the section called “Causale”, please write 1) “Tessera British”, 2) your first
name and surname, and 3) specify whether you want Wednesday or Thursday.
Then send a copy of your bank transfer in attachment to:
You can collect your membership card when you come to the first film.

We share a language

The greatest experience is the encounter. You can speak and share the same language, by passion or origin joins all club members!

Movies in the room

We offer 9 films per season, recent and coming from England / Australia / Canada.

Books / DVDs on loan

We offer a large library of books and DVDs in the original language, all available for temporary loan to our associates.


These are the realities with which we collaborate in order to offer the screenings, discussions and updates of BFC Trieste!