Programme Season 2023-24

Wednesday, 17th January, 2024            WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT (Shekhar Kapur)
Thursday, 18th January, 2024                 with Lily James, Emma Thompson (109 mins)

Wednesday, 31st January, 2024             EMILY (Frances O’Connor)
Thursday, 1st February, 2024                 with Emma Mackey, Fionn Whitehead (125 mins)

Wednesday, 14th February, 2024           A HAUNTING IN VENICE (Kenneth Branagh)
Thursday, 15th February, 2024               with Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Yeoh (103 mins)

Wednesday, 13th March, 2024              THE MIRACLE CLUB (Thaddeus O’Sullivan)
Thursday, 14th January, 2024                 with Maggie Smith, Laura Linney (91 mins)

Wednesday, 27th March, 2024               POLITE SOCIETY (Nida Manzoor)
Thursday, 28th March, 2024                   with Priya Kansa, Ritu Arya (100 mins)

Wednesday, 10th April, 2024                 THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY (Hettie Macdonald)           
Thursday, 11th April, 2024                       with Jim Broadbent, Penelope Wilson (102 min)

Wednesday, 24th April, 2024                 THE GREAT ESCAPER (Oliver Parker)
Thursday, 25th April, 2024                     with Michael Caine, Glenda Jackson (96 mins)

Wednesday, 8th May, 2024                    THE OLD OAK (Ken Loach)
Thursday, 9th May, 2024                       with Debbie Honeywood, Reuben Bainbridge (113 Mins.)

Wednesday, 22nd May, 2024                  ONE LIFE (James Hawes)
Thursday, 23rd May, 2024                      with Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Flynn (110 Mins.)

Screening times Orario delle proiezioni

Wednesdays Mercoledì

14.00, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00
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Thursdays Giovedì

15.00, 17.00, 19.00, 21.00
odd times 😉 

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Membership is open to anyone aged 16 and over.

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